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Registering your Nanny with Ofsted


Ofsted Registration


Why is is Beneficial to Employ an Ofsted Registered Nanny?


As an employer of an OFSTED registered Nanny, you may be able to use Childcare Vouchers, Tax Credits or the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme to pay part of your Nanny’s wages.


Of course, you also have the peace of mind that your Nanny is insured appropriately, fully (and currently) trained in First Aid and holds a recognised childcare qualification.


Ella’s Angels recommends that the cost of the application (and associated costs of updating checks and qualifications) should be paid all or in part by the Family, as the Family will be the major beneficiary of the registration, from a financial standpoint.


What is it Likely to Cost?


  • £103 for the OFSTED application fee (including the DBS Check). This is also the ongoing annual fee. Any Nanny placed by Ella’s Angels will already have an Enhanced DBS check as well as being registered for the Update Service.
  • £70 - 90 for Public Liability Insurance per annum. We work with Nanny Insure. Click here for the website.
  • £70-100 for a full day First Aid course (if your Nanny is not already certified). We also highly recommend our local First Aid Providers (Click here for information). Please ensure that the course you and your Nanny undertake is OFSTED approved.
  • £89 for a recognised one-day Common Core Childcare Course offering qualification (if your Nanny is not already qualified). See HATA for more information on this course. There are other courses available.


Childcare training is a government priority. You may find your local Early Years Development Partnership has money available to fund your Nanny’s course.