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How Do I Find A Nanny?

So Many Questions…

Where do I start? How do I make my choice? Can I rely on written references? How do I know about the background of my Nanny if they have not disclosed something to me? There are so many regulations now: what do I have to do to make the employment legal? What about the tax? What about paying my nanny?

…what shall I do first?


Ella’s Angels will eliminate all these concerns by quickly introducing you to the very best childcarers matching your specific requirements.

We know that you hope the stranger that starts working at your home will become a trusted member of your family and a friend for a long time to come.

Let's Answer some of those Questions

Where do I start?

At the outset you can register here or contact us here


How do I make my Choice?

Your Ella’s Angels Manager will listen to what you need, offer suggestions and advice and then show you a selection of our Angels, best suited to your role.

We present you with the in-depth portfolios of the very best potential carers for your family. The Portfolio is our refreshing and interesting new version of the outmoded CV. It is not a dull walk through jobs with dates, it is a scrapbook of your potential Angel's experience, with photos.

It will show you the type of person they are and evidence the love they have for children in their care.

These potential carers are thoroughly interviewed by us. Always face-to-face.

They are referenced and checked before they make it onto our books.

With our help and guidance (if you need it) you interview as many of them as you choose and then pick your favourite.

We help you through the whole process, handle the salary negotiations and even check up after your Angel has started work with your family, to make sure you are all happy with the arrangements.


Can I rely on Written References?

In our opinion, a written reference is worth nothing. We go several steps beyond this.

Where possible we will meet a referee face-to-face or ask for a video call. At the very least we conduct a thorough telephone call with the referee based on a method of interviewing that is designed to highlight any issues of which even the referee may not have been aware.


How do I know about the Background of my Nanny, if they have not disclosed something to me?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

Every one of our Angels has to have a new or updated DBS certificate if they want to register with us.

We also check the Barred Lists; an additional check that is relevant when a carer looks after children in your home without supervision.

We handle this process and if there is ANY question mark over the applicant's suitability as an Angel, they are turned away.

Find out more here: https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check


There are so many Regulations now. What do I have to do to make sure the Employment is legal? What about Tax and Pensions? What about Paying my Nanny?

Nannytax logo

Nannytax is the UK’s leading’s payroll provider for nanny employers and will ensure your employer’s payroll obligations and your nanny’s Tax and National Insurance are all taken care of.

Visit Nannytax or ask us for a brochure when you call.


What Shall I do First?

Contact us. Let us help you find a Nanny!

We have offices in Surrey, Berkshire, Kent & Hampshire and all of our Managers will be delighted to assist you.

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